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FileMaker Development - Jerrald Hayes| Business Consulating, Web & FileMaker Database Design Services | Avon CT

Hi,... I’m Jerrald Hayes, and I design and build websites and database solutions for small businesses.

If you think your business needs some help, needs analysis, or if you have a project already in mind whether it’s a website design, a FileMaker database solution or whatever, let’s talk.

The Things I Do…

Website Design

I design and build responsive web sites primarily on the WordPress Platform the most popular Content Management System in use by small businesses today.

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FileMaker Development

 FileMaker Pro is Apple’s professional database system for building a deploying desktop and mobile apps for your business.


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Webmaster Services

Do you need ongoing help and or support keeping your website plugins and content up-to- date and developing new content?


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Digital Marketing

Build A Market Presence For Your Brand Across The Right Set Of Social Networks


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Wordpress Expertise

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Local Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization with a focus on what really matters to small and mid sized businesses…”Local Search”

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Social Media Networking

I Help Small Business Owners Navigate The Ever Changing Social Media Landscape

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IT Services

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I’ll Work With You To Develop A Brand Strategy That Helps Your Brand Stand Out As Well As Stand For Something


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I Am The “Chief Cook & Bottle Washer” At The Small Business Systems Co.


What and Who I Am As A Business Management & Software Consultant & Coach

Paradigm Projects, Ltd.

Paradigm Projects

Business Management Web, & Information Technology Solutions designed specifically for Builder, Remodelers, Contractors and other members of the Home & Garden Industry.

360 Difference Software for Mac Windows & iOS

360 Difference

Macintosh & Windows & iOS Information Technology Solutions for Builders, Remodelers, & Contractors

The Building and Remodeling Business & Project Management Wiki.com

The Building and Remodeling Business & Project Management Wiki.com

A Business & Project Management Wiki for the Building and Remodeling Industry.

iOS 4 Construction

iOS 4 Construction

The iOS online information source for Builders, Remodelers, and other Construction Professionals.

Mac 4 Construction

Mac 4 Construction

The online information source for Builders & Remodelers dedicated to the Mac OS.

Northeastern Homes A Home & Garden Online Social Network, Magazine, & Resource Directory for the New York Suburban Region

Northeastern Homes

A Home & Garden Online Social Network, Magazine, & Resource Directory for the New York & New England Suburban Regions

What and Who I Am As A Builder Remodeler and Artisan Carpenter Mason & Painter

Paradigm Building & Remodeling

Professional Project Management Techniques and Methods Applied to Distinctive & Artistic Building & Remodeling Projects in Westchester & Fairfield Counties.



Architectural Stairbuilding and Handrailings From the People at Paradigm Projects

Summer Structures

Outdoor Living Spaces That Make Your House Your Home

Some More Miscellaneous Websites Where I Blog or Personally Run & Maintain…

Rationally Thinking Out Loud

Rationally Thinking Out Loud

Just one guy thinking out loud on a the issues in religion, atheism, politics & science.
The Human Body Garage

The Human Body Garage

Just one guy thinking out loud while exploring the science of health, fitness, diet & nutrition.
The Human Body Garage

Horace Greeley Class of 1974

My graduating class from Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua NY needed a website to promote our reunions and other alumni activities.

I am the developer of The Capacity Based Markup Worksheet

For contractors and anyone running a service businesses type of operation where you are selling your services and or expertise by the hour the The Capacity Based Markup Workbook answers the big huge questions so many small business owners have…’

How Much Should I Charge?

The Capacity Based Markup Workbook is an Excel Workbook for assigning Labor Burden to help the user correctly determine a Loaded Labor Rate and/or an appropriate Labor Markup for Contractors Using a Capacity Based Markup Methodology (aka PROOF/Indexed/Labor Allocated Overhead).

Since 2004 thousands of contractors have downloaded and used the The Capacity Based Markup Workbook to help them figure out a hourly labor rate based on their real financial numbers and not just guesswork.

In non-contractor speak the workbook can be used by any service type business where you need to accurately figure out a hourly rate to charge for your and your employees.

The Introduction

The Introduction Worksheet provides a basic overview of the spreadsheet’s framework and navigation links to the individual worksheets.
Introduction - Capacity Based Markup Workbook

The Labor Cost Worksheet

With the Labor Cost Worksheet in the yellow shaded data entry cells you set the wage rates, and then the costs that make up your  Labor Burden i.e. the employer costs such as benefit costs, and other miscellaneous Variable Overhead expenses you want to cover such as car and/or truck payments, vehicle maintenance, small tools, etc.
The Labor Cost Worksheet - Capacity Based Markup Workbook

The Billable vs. Non-Billable Hours Worksheet

On the Billable vs. Non-Billable Worksheet you account for items such as paid holidays vacation time, training, downtime and other non-billable but paid hours that you and your employees will generate.
The Billable vs. Non-Billable Hours Worksheet - Capacity Based Markup Workbook

The Fixed Overhead Costs Worksheet

With the fixed Overhead Worksheet you enter you cost or budgets for all of your Fixed Overhead items such as Capital Tools, General Office Expenses, Marketing, Insurance , Professional Fees, Local & Regional Business Taxes., Loan Payments, Contingency, Owners Compensation, Sales Cost and the Net Profit you want your business to generate.
The Fixed Overhead Costs Worksheet - Capacity Based Markup Workbook

The General Summary Information Worksheet

The General Summary Information Worksheet displays the calculated Labor Billing Rates for you and your employees along with a breakdown based on all of the entered data as to what your costs and projected Net Profit are per employee and/or per hour, per day, per week, per month or per year.
The General Summary Information Worksheet - Capacity Based Markup Workbook

The Owners Information Worksheet

And after setting up and answering the questions in the yellow shaded cells the Owners Information Worksheet displays the Owner’s Compensation package based on all the data entered.
The Owners Information Worksheet - Capacity Based Markup Workbook

Do you think the Capacity Based Markup Workbook can help you figure out …

How Much Should I Charge?

Need some help, coaching, and consulting getting all your business information together to enter in the WorkBook?

I Can Help You With That Too.

A Closer “Case Study” Look at the NorthEasternHomes.com.

The Building & Remodeling Business & Project Management Wiki

The Concept

To create a Online Home & Garden Magazine and Resource Directory Website

The Vision


  • Provide communities with articles and stories of interest that give them ideas and introduce them to local architects designers and contractors.
  • A free listing to building and remodeling home and garden professionals contractors and suppliers that can be upgraded to preferred positions in the directory and/or a variety of banner or badge advertisements running alongside the websites articles.
  • Sponsorships of key articles and pages on the website,
  • Local contractors that don’t have a web presence can create a small website or webpage with the address www.NortheasternHomes.com/~CompanyName so they can at least be found when a consumer uses the web like a yellow pages phone directory

Article Categories

House & Garden Articles

Communities With Resource Directories

Huge Potential for Growth

A Closer “Case Study” Type Look at The Building & Remodeling Project Management Wiki

The Building & Remodeling Business & Project Management Wiki

The Problem

In the Building & Remodeling Industry we often see two different instances of the same problem.

  • Trades people who start their own business while often very skilled in their respective fields, i.e. carpentry, plumbing electrical, etc. they often lack the understand and/or training in the realm of just what it takes to run a business and don’t have the knowledge and concepts such as cash flow vs. revenue or gross profit vs. net profit etc.
  • There is also an epidemic case of “Accidental Project Manager* Syndrome” where Lead Carpenters, Superintendents, and Construction Managers often have been “promoted” to their position with little or no training or education in actual trade skills of Project Management . (*see Patricia Ensworth’s The Accidental Project Manager: Surviving the Transition from Techie to Manager) and don’t understand the terms or concepts of critical path, dependency, float, and more.

The Vision

Build a Wikipedia type website for Building and Remodeling Business and Project Management terminology, concepts, and methodologies and invite contributors and encourage discussion of the terms and topics.

Years of Study and Experience

Books & Articles Read & Researched

Terms/Topics in the Wiki

Thorough Knowledge Base

Do You Have a Website or Database Project You Would Like To Work With Me On?

If you have a project whether it a website design, FileMaker database solution, kitchen & bath remodel, staircase and railing, faux painting finish, or mural, theatrical set & lighting design or whatever let’s talk.