Every where I go I keep getting these rewards. Back when I lived in New York I used to emails telling me I was a Best of Katonah NY winner and now I get them for Best of Avon CT. I must be really special because without any effort at all I get these award notices every few months! Of course I am being facetious. These awards are a scam. For between $149 and $229 they will send you one of these plaques proclaiming you are a Best of (The the Town or Community)

The claim the award helps your company with its “Strategic Value”, it can be used as a “Sales Tool”, and its “Free Publicity” except if the person you are trying to impress with awards strategic value already knows its a scam and any Tom, Dick, or Harriet can get one of those awards. It fails as a sales tool too because most people recognize its a scam and they’ll think you are trying to scam them by pitching or displaying it to them too. And it’s certainly not FREE. You have pay them for the plaque.

Don’t fall for it.

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