Great site for media projects that need video or audio.

Via my graphic and interactive design artist friend and cousin-in-law Karen Watkins….

Pond5 ~ World’s Largest Stock Video Library + Photos, Audio, More

Find inspiration by searching the largest library of royalty-free HD and 4k stock video Buying often? Get more access for a low introductory price with a Pond5 membership Let our community of artists inspire you We’re here to power every stage of your creative process.

The Elegant (ElegantThemes) Marketplace Blog

One of my Essential Web Design Blogs I follow….

How to create a directory website using Divi and Toolset Directory

There are two factors you want to consider when you build a directory website. Does it look good? And does it have everything a user will need? There is a danger these two simple questions could become complex very quickly if you decide to download a host of heavy, complicated plugins which will cause more […]
Author: Andrew Palmer
Posted: July 11, 2019, 6:27 pm

How Elegant Marketplace can help you be Independent

With Independence Day now a thing of recent memory, for those of you in the United States, it’s got us thinking about what being independent truly means. Millions of people up and down the country are sick of working for “the man” day after day, and would rather cut the nonsense and deal with customers […]
Author: Andrew Palmer
Posted: July 9, 2019, 8:29 am

How much should I charge to build this site?

Quite often I see posts asking “How much should I charge to build this site?”, well there’s no ‘one-price-fits-all’ for this as there are always variables to consider. So, I’ve put together a short guide below covering how you should be figuring out your Fees :)There is also an offer at the end of the […]
Author: Colin Falcon
Posted: July 3, 2019, 1:57 pm

Simplify your copy and content: Trends for the next decade

Content needs to be simplified, easy to navigate, readable, easy on the kb per page load. Read this to learn about the trends we are facing in the decade ahead.
Author: Tanya Quintieri
Posted: July 1, 2019, 6:35 am

It’s all about WordCamp Europe this week!

It’s all about Europe this week as we embark on an Epic Journey to Berlin to meet, greet, eat and drink our way into the hearts and minds of all WordPress users. Our many offerings are being represented the whole week by the both of us and we’d love to meet you if you are […]
Author: Andrew Palmer
Posted: June 18, 2019, 10:20 am

The “Bicycle Rider By The Loire By Milton Avery” Color Scheme

I love working on and working within a organized color scheme. It comes from my years as a painter and theatrical set designer.

The other day in one of the web design groups I’m a part of on FaceBook another member posted a link to a color scheme website called “Color Lisa: Color palette masterpieces from the world’s greatest artists” and as I was looking through the schemes there I saw one that was almost exactly the one I was using here to develop this persona website of mine called “Bicycle Rider By The Loire By Milton Avery”


…which is based on the painting titled Bicycle Rider By The Loire by Milton Avery.

I wasn’t “exactly on” with my picks in that I haven’t deployed and of the yellow #F3C937 on any objects yet and the brown #604847 replaced the brown #722809 I had already chosen as did the #552723 replace the #542400 I already had is place but other than that I pleasantly surprised I had chosen the color palette I did.

Color Lisa – Curated Color Palette Masterpieces.

Color Lisa is a curated list of inspiring color palettes based famous work of the world’s greatest artists. Each palette was painstakingly created by color obsessed designers, artists, museum curators, and masters of color theory.