Woo-hoo! Yeah! FileMaker Marches On With The New Release of FileMaker 16

FileMaker just released the NEW FileMaker 16! To see what what this development platform can do visit:

FileMaker 15 Platform – Make unique custom apps

Explore new features in the FileMaker 16 Platform to create custom apps that work for your team on iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web

Super Developer Todd Giest comments in his blog why this is such a great update for us developers too…

FileMaker 16 is the Biggest Change Since FileMaker 7

FileMaker 16 is the most important release since FileMaker 7. It fundamentally changes both what you can do with the FileMaker platform and how you can do it. It provides first class connectivity to the global API economy, better user interface design tools, and new scripting and calculation features, that make it easier to write […]

FileMaker Licensing Options | Soliant Consulting

The licensing options for FileMaker are many and can be intimidating and confusing. How should we as FileMaker developers and business consultants help out our clients? Mislav Kos of Soliant Consulting provides some excellent and helpful guidance. Nice, nice job! (via a Soliant Consulting tweet)

FileMaker Licensing Options – Soliant Consulting

Over the past few years, FileMaker, Inc. has introduced new products and functionality to expand the FileMaker platform, tweaked its licensing programs, and adjusted its pricing. This combination of changes has led to some confusion for existing customers and developers.