FileMaker Licensing Options | Soliant Consulting

The licensing options for FileMaker are many and can be intimidating and confusing. How should we as FileMaker developers and business consultants help out our clients? Mislav Kos of Soliant Consulting provides some excellent and helpful guidance. Nice, nice job! (via a Soliant Consulting tweet)

FileMaker Licensing Options – Soliant Consulting

Over the past few years, FileMaker, Inc. has introduced new products and functionality to expand the FileMaker platform, tweaked its licensing programs, and adjusted its pricing. This combination of changes has led to some confusion for existing customers and developers.

A Great New Tool For Examining FileMaker Pro Databases

If you weren’t already aware of it FileMaker Pro is the programing platform I chose to build my 360 Difference solutions on.

FMPerception – Fast FileMaker Analysis Tool – geist interactive

FMPerception works with FileMaker Pro, versions 12 through 15, anything with a .fmp12 file extension. You will need FileMaker Pro Advanced to produce Database Design Reports. Mac OSX 10.10 required. It does not work FileMaker Pro 11 and earlier.