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5 Simple Local SEO Steps for Better Local Search Results

I work with local and small businesses every day. And they all have the same problem, how to show up in search results when the searcher is local to their business. Now, you might be asking what is the difference between local SEO and SEO in general. The short answer is nothing.

What are Open Graph tags?

What are Open Graph tags? – Red Clay Interactive

The open graph protocol allows developers to leverage Facebook in new and exciting ways. One of the easiest ways to venture into the world of Open Graph is to add the open graph meta tags to your site. Open graph meta tags allow you to control what content shows up when a page is shared…

How To Add Open Graph Meta Tags To WordPress

The Open Graph Protocol is a series of meta tags you can add to your webpage to allow it to become a rich object, used by social media platforms. In practical terms, this means you can use basic HTML tags to add key information about your posts, which social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and…

How to Add Facebook Open Graph Meta Data in WordPress Themes

Last updated on by Editorial Staff We shared with you how to add the facebook like button in WordPress. Then we wrote about how to add the facebook send button in WordPress. Now usually, Facebook is really smart in pulling in the right data for your posts when they are shared on Facebook.