I am selling my late mother’s Krakauer Brothers “Serenade” Baby Grand Piano. She passed away at the age of 97 in late October of last year and now I am trying to re-home both her sheet music and music book library as well as her Krakauer Brothers Baby Grand Piano.

A fully restored piano like like this can run $15,000 but this is not that piano. My mother bought it used in the early 2000s for $8,000 to replace her 65 year old Fisher Baby Grand that was damaged beyond repair by bad repair done by an unqualified repair man.

Reduced from $2,000 to just $750

I was looking to sell it for $2,000 but since I want to move sometime this fall and you will need to have it professionally moved and then tuned and have a stuck key repaired (a simple easy fix for a qualified tuner/repairman/woman) I am only asking $750. I hope to be moving on this fall o winter and I would love to keep it but I don’t play the piano. My mom brought me up as a trumpet player, then baritone horn, then tuba player.

My late mother taught voice and music privately for decades in Chappaqua and Katonah NY area.  She was the oldest teacher in the Chappaqua School System when she finally retired from the school system there. After that “retirement” she then kept on teaching students privately in their homes and our home in Katonah NY until she turned 90 and her crippling arthritis became too much for her to go on and we moved up here to Avon (I had a brother that lived locally here that could help me take care of her from time to time).

I will also have to find a new home (or homes) for her extensive sheet music, music book, and musical score library (in the file cabinet behind the piano) so if you’re interested in that or know of a music teaching professional that could use it let me know or pass it on.

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