Babs Hobs writing about ElegantThemes Divi in the Blog clears up an issue some people may express with using Divi.

I’m a ElegantThemes Divi user. The theme used here is Divi and I’m also using Divi on my website and I plan to deploy it on two other websites of mine and for a couple of clients too precisely because of it’s intrinsic responsiveness, it’s incredible rich power features and flexibility I then have as a designer. I read Chris Lima’s article “If you use the Divi theme with WordPress, it better be forever” and while I recognized his issues with the theme I found myself disagreeing with the larger point he was making at the time. I’m with Babs Hobbs (of who says…

Changing-Themes-in-WordPressTo the best of my recollection whenever someone has used a Premium Theme on their website I have never been able to just switch over to a new theme without having to make adjustments for the customization that the previous theme had in place.

I’m thinking one thing I would add to this debate/discussion that I think is sort of obvious (at least to me)  is that if you have a Divi based web design in place and want to change to a different looking web design you can still use Divi as the “framework” for that new design and in that case switching between a theme like “Divi Child 1” and “Divi Child 2” is almost effortless.

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