My Thank You To All My GoFundMe Angels

It's a Loan, not a charitable gift, I will be back...

My Thank You To All My GoFundMe Angels

It's a Loan, not a charitable gift, I will be back...

(Published: Dec 5, 2023 & Last Revised: Dec 5, 2023)

I Want To Very Sincerely Thank All My GoFundMe Contributors…

I really want to thank everyone who has helped me individualy and personally but since September I have been spending 18-26 hrs a week on medical treatment and surgeries for my Stage 5 Kidney Failure, 12 to 20 hrs a week on searching for housing, 28 to 30 hrs cleaning out and packing up, & 14 to 32 hrs restarting my business life and I do that all via Uber for getting around not having a working vehicle.

So here I am writing a broad encompansing thank you and a short overview of what’s going on and what the I am looking at ahead of me. When things settle down in the new year I will be writing to everyone personally to express my thanks,

It’s A Loan, Not A Charitable Gift, I Will Be Back…

First of all I have never considered the contributions to the  GoFundMe efforts helping me through the tough times surrounding my mom’s passing and my health crashing soon after that as charity.

I have always thought of the contributions as LOANS to help me get back on my feet again. I see all my contributors as my “Angel Investors”.

Angel Investors are defined as:  An angel investor provides initial seed money for startup businesses, usually in exchange for ownership equity in the company.

As my Angel Investor you have profvided me with seed capital in the form an unsecured loan that I plan to oneday pay back and for your interest in me as interest on those loans I will reward you with some form of equity whose value I determine sometime soon as I finsh the business plan development for the second geration of business channels; The Small Business Systems Company (web tech & consulting for small businesses) , Paradigm Projects (web tech and consulting for the Building, Remodeling & Home & Garden Industry) and 360Difference (iOS, Desktop, & Cloud Based SAAS Solutions).

I let these business channels slide into sleep starting with my move to CT in September of 2015 as the time I spent as nurse for my mom increased and my own kidney problems got worse.

In Desparation I Am Going To Ask For Your Continued Help & Support Again…

    I still have not hit the conservative goal of what I estimate I need If you can in way help me with another contribution that would be fantastic but if you can’t afford to do that at this time I would ask you to pass on the link to my September 16th GoFundMe ( to anyone you can think of that might possibly be able to help.

    Still need help with my rent medical travel costs, organized by Jerrald Hayes

    I am still desperately need help with my rent & my costs for travelin… Jerrald Hayes needs your support for Still need help with my rent medical travel costs

    There is a Share Button on the GoFundMe page

    Shortly after I launched this second GoFundMe my new landlords (the son and daughter of my old landlord who passed away in December of 2022) discovered that the lease I had been living under here expired on July 31st of 2016 and I had become what’s called a “holdover” tenant and with that the landlord may begin filing for eviction proceedings. And they did.

    They filed a Quit Claim in September ordering me to move out and I have been doing every I could to hold them off while I continued my difficult search for affordable housing. So now I need to $4700 in cash by Monday December 4th just to stave off eviction until the end of December 2024 and then I need cash to cover what could be 3 month of security for these two places I just got leads on this Monday. I do have 3 months ($3600) of security tied up in this home that I expect to get back when I move out but that is not available to me now to use on a new lease.

    This is where I am at & where I am going moving forward:

    Restarting My Professional Life…

    Back in September of 2015 I moved from my home of 30 years in Katonah NY to Avon CT (see About me Moving To Central CT) ostensibly so I would have one of my brothers in town only 3/4 of a mile away that could help me from time to time with the care of our aging mother who was suffering from Alzheimer’s and/or Dementia amongst the other things. It didn’t work out that way at all. I then spent the next 6 years, 11 months, 21 days in a row watching and caring for my mom without either one of my brothers ever offering to take over for a night or a day or a weekend so that I could have a break. The only break in the routine I had during that time was when in June of 2016 I went into UConn Dempsey Hospital for three days as a result of an allergy attack.

    As my moms heath continued to decline my hours working as her nurse and caregiver increased and it cut into the time I spent on my professioanl life. I just alway figured that I could just restart my career when she finally pasd away but there were two problems with thinking that way:

    • One my own problems with my progressing kidney failure (and I think my weight too,..and I think they may be related too) took a dive.
    • Two, just flipping the switch and turning back on your business life isn’t as easy as I thought.

    The Small Business Systems Co.— With my The Small Business Systems Co. channel I am trying to provide technical back office coaching advice and management consulting for small business in general. is the website where I sell and support the line of FileMaker and Excel based CRM, estimating, and job control software solutions I’ve developed.

    Paradigm Projects— With my Paradigm Projects channel I am looking to help small to medium sized companies in the building & remodeling and home & garden industry with  technical back office coaching advice and management consulting based on what I have learned in a lifetime in the trades. is the website where I explore  topics for builders & remodelers like: Technology, Project Management, CRM, Open-Book Management, Business Models, Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), The Theory of Constraints (TOC), Systems Thinking, JIT, TQM, Lean Construction, CPM and the Lead Carpenter System.


    360Difference— Back in the mid 1990s I started to build ny own business software to help me automate and manage my building and remodeling company. Then in the early 2000s one of my general contractor clients suggested to me that continuing on with the development of my software and working with other small to medium sized contrators on customizing it for their businnessess was really the way for me to go and 360Difference was born. is the website where I sell and support the line of FileMaker and Excel based CRM, estimating, and job control software solutions I’ve developed.

    Share Your Business Suggestions & Ideas With Me…

    If you have any thought or suggestions on what I am doing with my professional life I would love to hear what you are thinking. You can call me at 860-470-7686 or click to  arrange a Zoom Meeting with me below.

    …And If You Can Use A New And/Or Remodeled Website or Custom Software For Your iPhone Or iPad Give Me A Call…

    I will help you and will produce what ever you need at cost and if I can’t help I will try and point you in the right direction(s).

    So How Is My Health Doing Now…

      The tailspin I was in with respect to my personal health is over or should I say now well under control. I just posted on FB yesterday that in addition to getting my mobility back since starting dialysis I have also lost 60 lbs in the last year. I can honestly say this is the best I have felt physically in the last five to seven years although I am not out of the woods just yet.

      The weeks I spent in the hospital back in March of 2023 were vital to getting my act together and tackling my kidney failure problems head on (Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease) and I am feeling positive and good about that that part of my future.

      My nephrologist just this past Monday expressed his happiness again with the numbers being reported in my blood work and that I am continuing to lose to weight at a safe and steady pace since last October which has been essential both to my getting on Kidney Transplant Lists and better all-around health outcomes in general.

      I even posted on FaceBook just the other day that in the 12—1/2 months I have lost approximatly  62 lbs.

      The Shakedown, Scaling Down …

        Back in my twenties there were times where I worked on the “shakedown tours” for some of the dance and theatre companies I worked with where we woud do a set of performace locally in NYC and make desisions as what we really needed to take the tour out on the road. I feel that is the same thing I am going thorough here as I go through the things my mom and dad collected over their lifetimes and mine (wikipedia:.Shakedown Testing)

        One of the hardest parts of this process is the emotional component of it all; It is both heartwarming and heart breaking all at the same time.But I am making progress with that eveny day although this is the part of this that is most physicaly demanding on my this beat up body of mine. I get physically tired carring boxes up stairs and down and out to the dumpsters too. Its a lot of stair climbing. Its tough. but it has to be down and I think the physicality of it worthwhile too in that it is helping me get back into shape again.

        About My Housing Search…

          I first began my search for new housing shortly after my mom passed away in October of 2022.

          I wanted to move on because the house here at 138 Waterville is difficult to heat using up more oil than I like and the layout of the house is just terrible. There is no front door and you enter the house through the kitchen door. And when you enter there is no closet or coat rack to hang  you jacket. If you want to go to the bathroom you have to go through the kitchen into the pantry lanundry and then into the bathroom. The stair to the second floor beroom that was mine is too seep to pass code inspection today. And the floor everywhere are sagging and out of level which mean you stove is on a slight pitch making frying or sauting anything a tricky operation.

          And I also have a lot of memories of my mom’s last years triggered here that are not how I want to remmeber her. So I wanted to move on.

          At the time of this publication (Dec 5, 2023) I am about to commit to one of two location leads I luckily found in Avon CT. 

          I’d Like To Keep Your EMail Address On File

          I’d like to keep your email address on file so I can contact you personally or via a email newsletter to report on the progress I am making getting back up on my feet again both physically and in my professional life.

          Your EMail Address So I Can Stay In Touch...

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          I am in kidney dialysis treatment MWF until around noon but otherwise I am generally at my desk between the hours of 8am to 5:30pm EST (unless I am outside playing with my dog) and sometimes when I feel like I'm on a role into the evening too so if you would like to give me a phone call and talk to me about your project ideas please do and feel free to leave a message.

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