It’s been said that women are responsible for or are the key decision makers in 90% of the cases in the Building & Remodeling market so I am thinking our web designs need to appeal to women and not necessarily men. This doesn’t mean applying stereotypical cliches like designing a site so it looks like lavender and lace but I do think in more cases than not the male contractor types (like me) need to rethink a lot of what we are doing.

Some of the web articles I am reading on the topic…

5 Tips for Feminine Designs – SitePoint

One of the keys to successful commercial design is understanding your audience. If you find yourself working on a design whose target audience will be mostly women, you may need some ideas on how to make it more “feminine.” In commercial design, your concepts should draw the eye of the viewer and strengthen the delivery …

How to Use the Psychology of Color to Increase Website Conversions

When our eyes take in a color, they communicate with a region of the brain known as the hypothalamus, which in turn sends a cascade of signals to the pituitary gland, on to the endocrine system, and then to the thyroid glands.

True Colors Infographic – Breakdown of Color Preferences by Gender

From the day that babies are brought home and cradled in their pink or blue blankets, implications have been made about gender and color. While there are no concrete rules about what colors are exclusively feminine or masculine, there have been studies conducted over the past seven decades that draw some generalizations.


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