Who I Was to Who I Am

Photos Through The Years

Who I Was To Who I Am

Photos Through The Years

Who I was circa 1956 (5 months)

Me Skiing circa 1960 Age 4

Me Again Skiing, 6 years old maybe? circa 1962

Who I was circa the fall of 1967
Undefeated Army 4-0-1 New Castle Rec League Champs in 1965
I’m #93 in the center and I was a Center that year too. (click to enlarge)

What is arguably my favorite photo of me taken I am thinking in the summer of 1968 or 69
An award winning photograph my father took with I’m guessing a 250MM lens of young 12 or 13 year old me walking the bay side sand bars at dusk and low tide in North Truro Cape Cod.

Who I was circa the fall of 1969
My High School Freshman Class ID Photo

Who I was circa the fall of 1973
Football Team Practice

Who I was circa the winter of 1973
Ski Team practice Junior Year of High School (click to enlarge the image)

Who I was circa 1978
Me and my famous and legendary dog Rosalita.

Who I was circa August 1994 the afternoon after my first Trathlon

Who I was circa January 2001

Who I was circa July 2003

Who I was circa December 2007

Who I was circa Spring 2009

Who I was circa July 18th 2016

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I am in kidney dialysis treatment MWF until around noon but otherwise I am generally at my desk between the hours of 8am to 5:30pm EST (unless I am outside playing with my dog) and sometimes when I feel like I’m on a role into the evening too so if you would like to give me a phone call and talk to me about your project ideas please do and feel free to leave a message.

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